At Sleepers In Seattle, we have two primary goals: to offer the greatest selection of sleeper sofas in the United States, and to provide the absolute best customer service.  Our selection encompasses almost 60 sleeper sofa styles, eight sizes, several hundred fabrics, seven mattresses, and additional sleeper options and upgrades.  To us, Customer Service is comprised of trust, quality goods, communication, fair prices, and most of all, honesty.
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Sofa bed or sleeper sofa is a kind of sofa that has a built in bed. The sofa ' s bed is designed in a way that it can be folded inside and outside the sofa base, turning a simple sofa from a loveseat or couch into a nice bed. The sleeper sofa is a kind of furniture with a double purpose; a perfect guest room alternative for it enables the living room or the family room to be transformed into a nice room where overnight guest can comfortably stay.
Macy's, Inc., with corporate offices in Cincinnati and New York, is one of the nation's premier retailers.

For over 10 years we have been providing our customers superior service and excellent quality. Our company is located in Brooklyn, New York. We serve the entire tri-state area and have customers from all over the US and the Carribean.
Over the years Carlyle has provided the finest custom sofas and sofa beds for four of the last six U.S Presidents, countless politicians, diplomats  and celebrities as well as many captains and madams of industry, entertainment and the arts.
Anyone who appreciates a good night sleep, the value of true hospitality as well as an investment in their habitat is a Carlyle client for life - that is how long we stand behind the quality of our products and service to our clients!

Classic Sofa Bed is one of the largest sofa bed companies in the New York area. we have been in the business for over 10 years providing our customers superior service and excellent quality. Our company is located in Brooklyn, New York and we serve the entire tri-state area.
Wanna get Comfy, but don't have enough space in your apartment? No problem! Try our Sleepers - acts as a Sofa and as a Sofa Bed at the same time! Time and money saver - most of them are really affordable. Our Sleeper Beds are available in all kinds of styles, from fabric to leather. Besides, you can always have an extra sleeping space - which always comes handy. Ideal space saver. Great for students and scholars.
Our aim is to be the best solution for modern furniture, on and offline. We continue to add to our own Viesso line, expand our Green collection, and carry amazing products from other companies. While we curate and sell all our quality products on our website, we support that offering with a showroom and honest design help to allow people to make educated (and stylish) decisions. By blending customization, modern technology, smart design, and sustainable living, we offer a refreshing way for you to furnish your space.